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Jim Bullock makes catch while fishing off Bermuda

Jim Bullock of Greensboro, N.C., fishing on a friend’s boat named Oppositional, needed one hour and 15 minutes to reel in the winning catch – 647 pounds – in the 19th annual World Cup Blue Marlin Championship©. He was fishing off Bermuda when the marlin crashed a lure with such force that both hooks were buried in the marlin’s mouth.

“The marlin made six spectacular jumps and then dove and we didn’t see it again for an hour,” Bullock said.

Weighmaster Gary Hines of Bermuda said the short measurement was 116 inches for the marlin and it had a 66-inch girth. He certified the weight as 647 pounds.

World Cup founder Tex Schramm of Dallas, President of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, sent his congratulations to Jim Bullock, Captain Chris Bock and crewmen Darin Loftin and Curtis Klinfelter.

There were 21 boats fishing the World Cup in Bermuda and a whopping 51 boats in Hawaii. There were 115 boats worldwide, compared to 106 in 2002.

Kathy Bakke, World Cup Rep at The Charter Desk in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, said the heaviest marlin brought in at Kona, was a 562-pounder caught from the boat Holiday.

“The World Cup has been won five times in Hawaii, causing some anglers concern about the chances of catching a winner outside of Hawaiian waters,” said Jim Hardie of Miami, Florida, Commissioner of Fishing for the World Cup. “We heard the same concerns when the winning catch was made in Madeira, Portugal in 1995, ’96 and ’97. Those who worry, are failing to consider ‘Lady Luck’ as a factor.”

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